The Flock of Changes

A white-haired, pointy-eared nonbinary person with sideburns.

Six facets acting as parts of a single conceptual "person" and calling themselves the Flock of Changes, collectively preferring it/its pronouns.

A guide to muir median collective and shared, fluid experiences of identity as an alterhuman plural.


A vector image of a D&D changeling on a pride flag background.

+ it/its is fine
+ demisexual deltan
+ D&D changeling/drow, incarnate of Lloth and the Traveler; kazoo-playing bard
+ shitposty and talkative, more socially open, and ready to fight far too much of the time. needs to put some fights back.
+ struggles with parallel-life-related exotrauma
+ a fableing connected to a specific D&D campaign


Davepetasprite^2, from Homestuck, over the nonbinary flag.

+ ne/nym/nir pronouns
+ catgirl-birdboy baph, nyanbinary
+ a median within a median, being Dave and -Peta in one
+ the most laid back in tone and capitals/punctuation usage, also more likely to use typing quirks in line with nir canon self
+ the brightest, tackiest, most beautifully eyebleeding meowtherfucker
+ cat puns
+ purrkour!
+ a Homestuck fableing


Alice Liddell, from American McGee's Alice

+ fae/faer, it/its, very conditionally she/her pronouns (if you have to ask the conditions, don't use them)
+ genderfae stone femme lesbian
+ quoiro/aromantic
+ the "tradgoth" one and also loves horror
+ strongly identifies with being schizoaffective as it played a large part in faer life before
+ is a fableing primarily from the American McGee's Alice, with two "further back" lives as Alice Little from "The Cheshire" and the Alice from the original Wonderland stories
+ wei thought fae was two facets, Rook and Alice, because fae was the front-face and maybe only face in the median system 2.0 for 4 years. But it turns out the Rook persona was created by/is Alice.


A common magpie in flight

+ it/its pronouns
+ a theriocephalic magpie
+ speaks largely in odd metaphor and clang, evokes the odd speech that comes with muir schizophrenia
+ seems to exist somewhat more separately from the other facets in order to have a different view of the collective, might know about facets and goings-on that others don't
+ Very flashy and makes a grand showing of itself whenever it is front
+ some kind of strong feelings of connection to Furbies

Eleanor Shelstrop from The Good Place with an iguana on her head


+ still trying to integrate into the collective, came in weird
+ she'll fill this out eventually?
+ a fableing from The Good Place

Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3, looking over her shoulder


+ shx/hxr pronouns
+ magical gal
+ token 'human' facet
+ fableing from Silent Hill 3
+ went to Centralia, PA and spray painted "Heather Mason was here" on Graffiti Highway. Brought back a rusty nail, too.


+ the collective identity wei function as, the Gestalt "Me," started by Alice and added to by the other facets
+ also the conceptual this-life memory collection and Operating System for the collective
+ holds the past host facets and fragments
+ big polymorph energy
+ not so much an independent facet or real as a unifying force and persona

Here's a bunch of other fun facts and shared or otherwise "hard to sort to specific facets"-type stuff wei've got.

+ wei end up in a lot of intra-community Opinion Yelling so it'll be good for people to know we're pro-kink, pro-sex worker rights, psychiatry-critical, queer, have an inclusionary attitude toward LGBTQIA+ issues, and believe in and actively advocate for alterhuman acceptance and morphological freedom. I'm also vaguely anarchist.

+ We're also physically disabled with fibromyalgia and scoliosis and use mobility aids, namely forearm crutches. Cripplepunk is important to muis as accepting muir disabled self was helped so much by that.

+ some of the collective experiences less-known forms of attraction such as objectum attraction or autosexuality. It's not major for us as a whole, but some of muis feel it's still important to include.

+ nonbinary-ness in some form seems to just be a natural thing for any facet that emerges into the collective, regardless of canonical gender (if one exists.)

+ different alterhuman identities are shared across different facets, and some are only experienced by one, or just a few of muis. it's hard to pin down who has what a lot of the time, so when wei get to listing that kind of stuff, we'll have to keep a lot of it nebulous.

+ some of muis identifies more with the label "transspecies" than others, but it's unclear who prefers it and who doesn't.

+ wei experience varying levels of species dysphoria and are modifying muir body as part of muir overall transition. Us-tested, therapist-approved :V Species modification helps actually.

+ wei're schizoaffective and this is something that manifests in all of muis differently

Other Identities

Non-facet identities that are nebulously experienced by and across the collective.

+ Indoril Nerevar (IDs as; spiritual-feeling)
+ Alexander Archipelago Wolf (therian)
+ Akito Sohma (ID as; idk where it comes from)
+ Ralsei (Magpie-exclusive identity as?)
+ Magpie (Magpie is a Magpie)
+ Crows (heart-type)
+ Domestic Cats (heart-type)
+ Malkavian Vampires (heart-type; felt most by Alice)
+ Furbies (Magpie heart-type?)
+ Mask-Collecting/Shapeshifting Goblin (otherlink)
+ Nancy Drew (Alice; otherlink)
+ Circus Baby (started as a delusion Alice had, seems to be sticking around outside of the delusion now)

Here's some general info about muir collective, the language wei use, and how wei work.

+ Wei use semiplural pronouns wei/muis/muir/muirs/muirself/ves

this comes from both 'we' and 'I' often not working when wei are both a We and an I.

Think of them as we/i; me/us; and my/our. They're pronounced way/myus/myur, all with one syllable.

+ Wei all operate under the persona of Rook when out and about in the world and will generally answer to this/consider this a shared identity, despite our semi-separateness as facets.

+ At the same time, wei enjoy being recognized as separate facets and referred to as whoever is front-facing at the moment, if you happen to know who it is, or else are referring to a specific facet.

+ Wei're part of a larger multiple system called the X-Files System

+ Wei will sometimes use the word "phasing" instead of "switching" because wei don't experience something exactly like a full switch. Sometimes wei use the term "phased in" to describe which facet is front-facing.

+ Wei also refer to the "front" of muir median system as the "front-face," and whoever is fronting in muir collective is said to be the front-face or front-facing.

+ Besides being almost entirely fableings, wei also have the memories of growing up in this life and relate to them all differently based on our backgrounds.

+ Please don't call us human, it genuinely causes dysphoria for most of muis. Wei prefer "creature," "being," "person," etc.

+ Due to being psychotic and having disorganized "oddspeech", wei have a hard time communicating and can get very wordy or lost. Please bear with us and assume the best intentions/ask for clarification. Especially since wei come off with a flat affect a majority of the time.

+ Wei recognize a lot of the language wei use might be unfamiliar to others, so here's a glossary:

These are not meant to be entirely universal definitions, though many are paraphrased from common understandings. These are more the words we use and how we use them.

Plural -- an umbrella term for experiences of having more than one consciousness/mind/person in one body.

Inworld -- the world that exists with us where we live and have lives when not fronting. Sometimes described by those inworld as akin to lucid dreaming -- it's real, we can feel it, it's just in a different way and we have an amount of control over it.

Outworld/This-World -- refers to the consensus reality of living in Front, in the body.

Multiple -- we use this to mean a specific type of plurality where everyone inhabits the body regularly and is more or less a system of entirely separate people.

Subsystem -- a system within a system, in our case the Flock is a median subsystem within a larger multiple system

Collective -- the word wei use to describe muir subsystem, since wei function collectively as one unit with many faces.

Median -- A term for any plural who isn't "fully" multiple nor fully singlet. Experienced in many different ways, wei're on the end of being a "singtiple" median, with all of muis sharing a single persona and considering ourselves the same "person" while retaining individual facethood.

Facet -- for us, a facet is any part of a median system where different individuals who are semi-separate act under the persona of a single unit. E.g. Davepeta is a facet because ne is able to have different thoughts, feelings, and identity experiences from others, but still identifies as part of the Flock and lives under the same unified persona.

Headmate -- an entirely separate and independent individual within our system, regardless of origin.

Front -- the headmate who is at front or fronting is the one in control of the body and interacting in the Outworld.

Switches -- changes in which headmate is controlling the body; mostly entirely voluntary, but sometimes involuntary switching occurs.

Phasing -- any change in mindset from one identity to another, and something wei use to describe "switching" between facets.

Front-Face -- to be "at face" or "front-facing/the front-face" is to be the facet in muir collective that's at "front" representing muis as a person individually, as opposed to switching into Front which involves a change of headmates controlling the body

Exotrauma -- trauma (with the whole PTSD package) that didn't occur to the body but is remembered by individuals in the system, often from lives lived before we came in. We treat them as real as other trauma memories, because the effect they have is the same.

Fictive -- a headmate with a primary identity matching a fictional character. That "character" is them and their life is that life, as far as most of us go. E.g. someone comes into the system who is Mickey Mouse, maybe from a specific interpretation even. Their entire self-concept and memories match to those of Mickey Mouse

Fictionkin -- where one person has a current-world primary identity and later discovers a second fictional identity. E.g. Sally was born and raised as Sally, and later discovers she is also Mickey Mouse.

Fableing -- a facet in a median system that feels somewhere between being a fictionkin identity and a fictive one, due to medianhood causing more of a unified separateness of identity that can be more primarily fictional while carrying the body's life memories and identities at the same time.

Host -- a role one can earn and also step out of, presumably, a host is just anyone who's got enough of a presence in our body and outworld life to take some major charge of the direction of our outworld life/lives and body appearance.

Extranthrope -- a nonhuman member of a system, compare to fictive. Can be shortened to extranth.

Alterhuman -- alterhumans are those who identify as other-than or alternatively human, according to the social and cultural norms of what makes one "human." Can include plurals, voidpunks, otherkin, fictionkin, postfurries, and more.